28-Year-Old Male with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Autism Assessment Edinburgh

“Anne Marie’s expertise and experience comes through clearly in every aspect of the process, I really felt as though we were in safe hands throughout. The opportunity to split the assessment into two parts was very helpful – not only did it take the pressure off me in terms of the financial commitment, it also allowed the interview stage to feel a lot easier and less stressful for my family member.

I thought the actual interview would be quite an intense and formal experience, however it felt conversational – with a lot more smiling and laughing than I was expecting!

Overall, I would highly recommend Connect to Autism for anyone looking for an adult ASD assessment, particularly anyone who has felt unseen, unheard or misunderstood by other professionals/clinicians in the past. If you’re considering contacting Anne Marie, I would urge you to go for it.”

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