30-Year-Old Female | Autism Assessment Surrey

Autism Assessment Surrey

“As I had gone thirty years living with undetected, undiagnosed Autism, I was incredibly anxious about finding an assessor who would take my concerns seriously. I spent many hours searching the internet, and chose Connect to Autism as Anne Marie had such positive reviews. Anne Marie’s website also openly confirmed she took masking into consideration when diagnosing Autism, which was a huge relief for me.

From the first point of contact, Anne Marie was not only prompt and efficient, but warm and approachable. I really appreciate the way she splits the diagnostic process into two parts. In my case, I was given a pre diagnosis of Autism in the first part of the assessment process, which was a huge weight off my shoulders. It also made the second part a lot less intimidating. This method is fantastic, as if you do not meet the criteria for the first part of the assessment (focusing on childhood), you are not unnecessarily put through the second, larger part of the assessment.

Anne Marie was a joy to interact with, she broke everything down to ensure I understood, and we shared lots of laughs along the way. I was really impressed that throughout the assessment, Anne Marie was able to give me pointers on how to approach life from an Autistic point of view. I was certainly not expecting to come away with knowledge on how to make life easier, so am incredibly grateful Anne Marie shared these tips with me.

I learned so much about myself in our time together, and was blown away with what Anne Marie taught me, as it was all so relevant to me. I would thoroughly recommend choosing Connect to Autism to explore and confirm you are autistic. My experience has changed my life in the best possible way, and I am happy to be facing my future armed with this knowledge.”

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