39-Year-Old Professional Studio Potter, Wife and Mother | Autism Assessment Essex

“I am really pleased I chose to have the full assessment with Anne Marie because I now have clarity I needed to understand my neurodiversity and the confidence to self-advocate as an autistic woman and mother.

A few years ago I started a deep dive into autism to identify if my then 4 year old son was on the spectrum. I quickly recognised myself in the research and found that I also needed answers. Unfortunately I discovered the barriers when seeking those answers from the NHS and school environment, so I was relieved when I came across Connect to Autism. From my first point of contact I was put at ease and found the process was clearly explained and felt safe. The fact that the assessment it was broken down into two parts was really helpful and felt manageable.

Throughout the process Anne Marie was very professional, supportive and kind. She also gave me a few strategies for my day to day life which have been really useful. Since the diagnosis I have felt able to talk to others about my experiences and have reached out to a local support group. Without the assessment these things would have not been possible for me. So I am truly grateful that it has eliminated a lot of self-doubt and confusion and empowered me to embrace my differences and seek community.”

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