40-Year-Old Female with Fibromyalgia, from Ayrshire

“Thoroughly recommend Connect to Autism. I was first drawn to Anne Marie’s expertise in the recognition of Autism & how it presents in females, alongside her extensive diagnostic & training experience (NHS & privately).

My nerves quickly lifted, as Anne Marie showed me kindness, understanding & compassion. Having the assessments broken down into two parts, was invaluable. The process felt straight forward, allowing me to learn a lot about my thought processes & behaviours. It’s clear Anne Marie cares so much about helping her clients, & she provided me with insights & strategies to help manage my social & communication struggles, & wellbeing.

I feel very relieved to have my diagnosis, validation, & a clearer understanding of myself & the way my brain works. I can now, at long last, start looking at my life through a different lens, & with some self-compassion. I’m so glad I chose Anne Marie for my ASD Assessment!”

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