45-Year-Old Female Fitness Instructor | Autism Assessment Derbyshire

“I have struggled with social interactions for as long as l can remember, I have sought counselling and psychotherapy over the years to try to help me as I have often felt like I don’t really fit somehow. Counsellors and psychotherapists couldn’t identify a problem and felt I just needed to find some people with similar interests or that I am just socially anxious or depressed. I also struggle with fatigue so extreme the Doctors diagnosed me with depression and ME but this diagnosis didn’t sit right with me.

I decided to seek help from Connect to Autism as I suspected that this maybe what I was experiencing and I wanted someone who knew their craft and had years of experience. After reading up on the therapist and going through testimonials I was convinced I was in safe hands.

The process was really straightforward, there was no rush and no pressure. Not only did I get the diagnosis but I understand why I have the diagnosis. It has helped me to reframe my experience of the world and feel less frustrated and more forgiving of myself. I would definitely recommend going through this process with Connect to Autism if you experience similar issues.”

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