46-Year-Old Father of 2 | Autism Assessment Essex

Autism Assessment Essex

“After constantly struggling and not understanding why, I was seeking an adult ASD diagnosis by someone both competent and credible. I was anxious at not being taken seriously so was very wary regarding who to engage. I chose Anne Marie due to the positive reviews and her focus on adult ASD diagnosis. The two stage process works really well as you are provided with an indication of potential outcome after the first questionnaire, so you are better informed before continuing onto part 2.

Anne Marie is professional, warm and open. It was clear to me she has deep experience and an extremely high level of competency in this topic. Her interview technique coupled with her skills is very impressive. Anne Marie analyses in real time and is able to change direction or back track and connect to what you previously said in order to gain a clear understanding of what was going on during an incident or episode in your life.

Anne Marie also identified behavioural patterns and trends that I had never recognised before but are clearly indicative of ASD. Many examples I provided were broken down and explained to make sense regarding how I had felt, behaved and perceived myself. I learned so much about myself but also the effect I can have on others around me. This has been a very positive experience for me and the first step towards improving my life.”

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