47-Year-Old Female PhD | Autism Assessment London

Autism Assessment London

“I approached Connect To Autism after a period of time during which I had been questioning why certain situations, events and activities felt so challenging and exhausting to me. I felt that I might possibly be autistic and wanted to explore this further, but I was not confident that my GP would be helpful or understanding.

I was encouraged to see that Anne Marie specialises in working with adults, and has a thorough understanding of how autism might present in an adult female. I found the process very clear and easy to engage with. Although I was a bit nervous at the start, Anne Marie was very helpful and reassuring. Anne Marie was able to give me a good feel for what the diagnosis might be after the first part of the assessment, which enabled me to make an informed decision about proceeding with the second stage. Although I was unable to gather much detailed information about my childhood, this was not a problem.

I am really happy to have the diagnosis, as it finally makes sense of so many things that have puzzled me for years. Throughout my life I have often suffered with anxiety and low self-esteem, and seen various counsellors and therapists, without quite getting to the heart of the problem. Now I feel that I can stop blaming myself for having poor social skills and start to work on practical strategies for dealing with the challenges I face. I feel very positive. I would definitely encourage anyone who finds themself in a similar situation to get in touch with Connect to Autism.”

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