47-Year-Old | Autism Assessment Edinburgh

Autism Assessment Edinburgh

“Trying to establish if you might be autistic is really daunting if you actually are autistic.

Right from the start Anne Marie was very professional. She was punctual, reliable, and clear about the process, keeping me informed about what she was going to do next, and explaining a lot about autism on the way.

Having a private assessment with Anne Marie enabled me to be assessed from the comfort of my own home during covid lockdown. The assessment was broken down into two stages – after the first video call of an hour or so Anne Marie told me she was 100% certain I was autistic. I then had as long as I wanted to reflect on whether that knowledge was enough for me or whether I wanted to proceed and get an official report on how the condition affected me ie an official diagnosis.

Splitting the assessment up like like meant I didn’t have to spend a whole load of money just to be told, at the end of many hours of questions, that I didn’t meet the diagnostic criteria. It also made it much more bearable, psychologically.

Throughout the assessment process with Anne Marie I was able to pick times that suited me and break the assessment up into chunks that I felt able to manage, which really mattered to me. The thought of going somewhere I didn’t know to spend five or more hours in a hotel room with someone I had never met was overwhelmingly stressful, but that’s what I was facing if I didn’t choose to go private.

Since my assessment I have found out a lot more about Asperger’s, and met a lot of others who have either gone through assessment or are in the process. I have to say, the more stories I hear, the happier I am that I decided to choose Anne Marie for my assessment.”

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