50-Year-Old Father from Glasgow

“Some years ago I took the AQ test online which suggested I should consider being diagnosed having recognised some behaviours in myself through people I had heard and read about in the media. Having found the NHS could feel like a gate keeper sometimes, I did not want to face going through my GP.

I researched the process online and felt Anne Marie would hopefully be able to help. I had read that late diagnosis in men could present similarly to females and that diagnosing women was a strength of hers. I was nervous about going through the diagnostic process even though she seemed friendly and approachable!

Through her line of questioning and explanations of behaviours and character traits, I began to understand who I am and how I have existed in the world. When I received my diagnosis I began to feel more positively about myself immediately. It also gave me fresh start to begin to think about how I can understand some of the ways I feel, think and behave and about some adaptive strategies to help me cope.

I cannot stress enough how important this diagnosis has been for me. I wish I had done it years ago!”

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