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Anne Marie Gallagher BSc, RCSLT, ASILTIP is a a Speech and Language Therapist based in the UK.

She has over 25 years experience conducting diagnostic assessments for autism and interventions for autistic adults with NHS Scotland.

Throughout her career, Anne Marie has dedicated her efforts to supporting autistic adults in both mental health and learning disability services.

In the past two decades, her clinical emphasis has centered on identifying autistic adults, offering private autism assessments in Southampton and throughout the UK.

Benefits of an Adult Autism Assessment in Southampton

An adult autism assessment in Southampton brings numerous benefits by providing individuals with a clearer understanding of their cognitive and behavioral differences, often leading to enhanced self-awareness and acceptance.

For many adults, especially those who may have struggled for years without an explanation for their experiences, a formal ASD diagnosis in Southampton can offer a profound sense of relief and validation. This newfound understanding can foster improved mental health, as individuals can make sense of their past challenges and begin to implement strategies that cater to their specific needs.

Knowing they are on the autism spectrum can help adults make informed decisions about their lives, including career choices and relationship dynamics, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

A formal autism diagnosis in Southampton can significantly improve access to tailored support services and accommodations, which can enhance daily functioning and overall quality of life.

Adults diagnosed with autism can tap into various resources, including specialized counseling, social skills training, and employment support programs.

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anne marie gallagher adult autism assessment southampton

adult autism assessment southampton

How it works

In the autism assessment process, Anne Marie adopts a collaborative approach, actively working with the individual to uncover evidence spanning their entire lifespan, contributing to the diagnostic process. This evidence is collected through direct interviews with the individual being assessed.

To gain insights into early childhood development, Anne Marie gathers information from an individual who knew the person during that period. This information is obtained through interviews or questionnaires, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the individual's early experiences.

It's important to note that assessments can still be conducted for individuals without access to an informant from their early childhood.

Anne Marie recognizes the challenges faced by many females with undiagnosed autism, who may camouflage the true extent of their difficulties. Informed by the person's own perspective, diagnostic decision-making is not solely based on demonstrable behaviors but takes into account the individual's thoughts and experiences.


39-Year-Old Health Worker

North West England

"Anne Marie is a professional with an in-depth understanding of autism and the assessment process. She noticed fine details which validates my autistic experience and promotes self-understanding."

64-Year-Old Grandmother


"My experience of the assessment was positive from the point of contact. I had a prompt reply to my initial enquiry, was given clarity of the process and was met with understanding.”

22-Year-Old Female


"I was initially very anxious about the assessment process as someone who requires a high level of predictability in their life but thanks to Anne Marie the whole thing went smoothly.”

28-Year-Old Male


"I thought the actual interview would be quite an intense and formal experience, however it felt conversational – with a lot more smiling and laughing than I was expecting!”

A step-by-step guide to the process

  • autism assessment process step 1

    Contact made via website

    Click here to send Anne Marie a message via the contact form

  • autism assessment process step 2

    Completion of an Early Developmental Questionnaire

    This can either be a self-report or filled out by someone who was well-acquainted with you during your childhood.

  • autism assessment process step 3

    Evaluation of the questionnaire

    When evaluated, this questionnaire is highly dependable in revealing childhood information that will support the diagnostic process.

    I would exercise caution in undertaking a private diagnostic assessment if it seems unlikely that the individual would meet the criteria for diagnosis.

    In reviewing the questionnaire, consideration is given to the fact that behaviors indicative of ASD may not manifest noticeably until later in life. The early onset of masking and camouflaging difficulties, coupled with the potential influence of home circumstances on parental reporting, is taken into consideration.

  • autism assessment process step 4

    Telephone consultation

    A telephone consultation is scheduled to provide feedback on the evaluation of the early developmental questionnaire and to determine whether there is adequate information to support the diagnostic process.

    The appointment letter is sent, along with the invoice, and payment is required 7 days before the scheduled assessment date.

  • autism assessment process step 5

    Diagnostic Assessment

    The full diagnostic assessment is arranged, to be conducted via Zoom.

    The full assessment is completed within 4-6 hours. However the Zoom call part of the assessment is typically 2 - 2.5 hours.

The initial clinical assessment and evaluation of the developmental questionnaire, can be undertaken for £300. All assessments are completed using Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.

Fees can be paid by bank transfer, UK or international.

  • PART ONE: Steps 1-4 of the diagnostic process - £300
    This is the initial clinical assessment, the outcome of which will be to say that its highly likely or unlikely that the person will get a positve ASD diagnosis.
  • PART TWO: Full assessment including report - £1200
  • TOTAL COST: £1500

To find out more, contact Anne Marie via the contact form
private autism assessment for adults in southampton

FAQs (General)

A private autism assessment offers expedited services, personalized attention, and flexibility in scheduling. Unlike public assessments, private services often provide quicker results and a more tailored approach to adult autism evaluation.

Adult autism diagnosis services encompass comprehensive assessments, including interviews, observations, and standardized tests. These services are designed to evaluate social communication, behavior, and other factors to provide a thorough understanding of an individual's neurodevelopmental profile.

Autism diagnosis for adults involves specialized assessments that consider the unique challenges and strengths of adults. The evaluation may include self-reporting, interviews, and observations to assess social communication, behavior patterns, and potential co-occurring conditions.

A UK Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment includes a comprehensive evaluation conducted by qualified professionals. This assessment examines various aspects of an individual's behavior, communication, and social interactions to determine the presence of autism spectrum disorder.

Private autism diagnostic assessments prioritize confidentiality. Only authorized professionals involved in the assessment process have access to the results, ensuring privacy and adherence to ethical standards.

Yes, individuals can often schedule an adult ASD assessment without a referral. Private assessment services typically welcome self-referrals, providing a more accessible avenue for adults seeking an autism diagnosis.

FAQs (Connect To Autism)

The acceptance of a private diagnosis is dependent on many factors and not just the robustness of the assessment and the experience of the assessor.

I have not had my assessments rejected by any service, that includes both NHS and local authority.

I always suggest that if you are looking for the diagnosis to be accepted by any service, GP, MH services psychology etc, that you discuss my credentials with them and ascertain if they will accept it before you commit to an assessment. For this purpose, I have added below information about my experience.

I was the clinical lead for 20 years with Scotland's largest Adult Autism Team Autism, my private assessments follow the same format as my NHS assessments.

I am an author of SIGN guidelines.

I sat on the national steering group at the Scottish Government where I have led a working group on increasing competencies across health to diagnose autism spectrum disorders.

My assessments are underpinned by the DISCO assessment (Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders) and I was the Scottish trainer for DISCO up until 4 years ago when the license ceased after Lorna Wing's death. I have trained 300+ clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and paediatricians to recognise and diagnose autism.

Please get in touch via the contact form to receive the most up-to-date waiting times.

No, unfortunately I only assess individuals aged 16+

No, I do not assess for ADHD/ADD/dyslexia. I do, however, have experience of doing adult diagnostic assessments for individuals with these co-occurring disorders.

Unfortunately, I do not offer face-to-face assessments.

Yes if you are comfortable with them being there then they are welcome to join. It is often helpful for them to attend as it allows them also to fully understand the full impact of ASD on your life.

Yes, as this is always the starting point.

Arrange an Autism Assessment in Southampton

Anne Marie is able to provide diagnostic autism assessments throughout Southampton, carried out over a video call using Zoom, Skype, Teams etc.