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Masking, Camouflaging, and Performing Explained

By Anne Marie Gallagher | October 7, 2019

Daily Situations Let me describe a situations that happened for me. It’s early morning, and I am having to battle the elements of the Scottish weather, trying to hold up my umbrella against the wind and rain. I arrive at the bus stop. Someone else is waiting in the bus shelter. Social Behaviour I turn … Read more

Every day’s a school day

By Anne Marie Gallagher | September 26, 2019

Autism has been my life’s work. For 20 years+ I have diagnosed autistic people Supported autistic people Helped others understand autistic people ———– Every client has taught me something different about what life is like for autistic people. There are many commonalities that exist in autism, but no two autistic people are the same. I … Read more

Are you facing University with no formal diagnosis of ASD?

By Anne Marie Gallagher | September 26, 2019

Are you facing university, college or a new job without a formal diagnosis of ASD and wonder if a formal diagnostic assessment will be right for you? Here’s a typical story that may help you decide if formal diagnosis is right for you. Fred is 17 years of age, has been very successful in achieving … Read more