54-Year-Old Female | Autism Assessment Edinburgh

47 year old female autism assessment edinburgh

Autism Assessment Edinburgh “The whole assessment was really good and Anne Marie was professional and prompt, it was lovely working with her and she has put my mind at rest knowing now that I see things differently, after years of trying to find out about my diagnosis, thank you so much for everything.” Click HERE … Read more

47-Year-Old Lecturer | Autism Assessment Devon

autism assessment asd diagnosis devon

Autism Assessment Devon “After suffering from poor mental health for most of my life, I began to research the possibility of an autism assessment. With help and support still leaving me wondering why I feel a certain way in certain situations, I discussed the possibility of undergoing an autism assessment with my GP. What I … Read more

46-Year-Old Father of 2 | Autism Assessment Essex

46-year-old father of 2 autism assessment Essex

Autism Assessment Essex “After constantly struggling and not understanding why, I was seeking an adult ASD diagnosis by someone both competent and credible. I was anxious at not being taken seriously so was very wary regarding who to engage. I chose Anne Marie due to the positive reviews and her focus on adult ASD diagnosis. … Read more

47-Year-Old Female PhD | Autism Assessment London

47 year old female PhD autism assessment london

Autism Assessment London “I approached Connect To Autism after a period of time during which I had been questioning why certain situations, events and activities felt so challenging and exhausting to me. I felt that I might possibly be autistic and wanted to explore this further, but I was not confident that my GP would … Read more