47-Year-Old Lecturer, Devon

autism assessment asd diagnosis devon

“After suffering from poor mental health for most of my life, I began to research the possibility of an autism assessment. With help and support still leaving me wondering why I feel a certain way in certain situations, I discussed the possibility of undergoing an autism assessment with my GP. What I appreciated about the … Read more

46-Year-Old Father of 2, Essex

autism assessment Essex

“After constantly struggling and not understanding why, I was seeking an adult ASD diagnosis by someone both competent and credible. I was anxious at not being taken seriously so was very wary regarding who to engage. I chose Anne Marie due to the positive reviews and her focus on adult ASD diagnosis. The two stage … Read more

47-Year-Old Female PhD, London

autism assessment london

“I approached Connect To Autism after a period of time during which I had been questioning why certain situations, events and activities felt so challenging and exhausting to me. I felt that I might possibly be autistic and wanted to explore this further, but I was not confident that my GP would be helpful or … Read more

30-Year-Old Female, Surrey

autism assessment surrey

“As I had gone thirty years living with undetected, undiagnosed Autism, I was incredibly anxious about finding an assessor who would take my concerns seriously. I spent many hours searching the internet, and chose Connect to Autism as Anne Marie had such positive reviews. Anne Marie’s website also openly confirmed she took masking into consideration … Read more

41-Year-Old Female Artist from Liverpool

autism assessment liverpool

“I had a lot of anxiety about getting diagnosed but Anne Marie was reassuring from the start. She communicated really clearly, making the process easy to understand. She clarified quickly the difference between ‘symptoms’ commonly discussed in books and online, and the ‘evidence’ that would be necessary for a diagnosis. The diagnosis itself was really … Read more

42-Year-Old Female, Manchester

JS testimonial autism assessment manchester

“I contacted Anne Marie after a challenging experience in another assessment, to see what my next steps might be. Anne Marie was generous with her time and advice and we agreed it would be worthwhile to go for assessment. The assessment process was thorough and informed: it’s really clear that Anne Marie really understands ASD … Read more

30-Year-Old Researcher, Scottish Borders

autism asd assessment scottish borders ec

“Anne Marie was recommended to me for her experience diagnosing women and I was pleased I chose her for my assessment. I thought the two-stage format worked well and Anne took the time to clearly explain each step of the process to me, before and during the assessment. She also helped me understand the wider … Read more

42-Year-Old Female University Lecturer, Cambridge

autism assessment cambridge jd

“Anne Marie’s mix of obvious professionalism, and high levels of skill and experience, combined with gentleness was exactly right for me and very much appreciated. The efficiency of her service, from the first telephone contact to the very end of the diagnostic assessment was fantastic. Her care and thoroughness in making sure I was fully … Read more

47-Year-Old, Edinburgh

autism asd assessment edinburgh scotland kitty

“Trying to establish if you might be autistic is really daunting if you actually are autistic. Right from the start Anne Marie was very professional. She was punctual, reliable, and clear about the process, keeping me informed about what she was going to do next, and explaining a lot about autism on the way. Having … Read more