40-Year-Old Mother from Glasgow

40 year old autism assessment glasgow

“I’m so glad I choose Connect to Autism for my diagnostic assessment. I was very nervous but Anne Marie is lovely and everything was explained well. She’s very knowledgeable too and I kind of felt like she knew me already without even saying much yet. The diagnosis (and even the process itself) helped me understand … Read more

50-Year-Old Father from Glasgow

50 year old father glasgow autism assessment

“Some years ago I took the AQ test online which suggested I should consider being diagnosed having recognised some behaviours in myself through people I had heard and read about in the media. Having found the NHS could feel like a gate keeper sometimes, I did not want to face going through my GP. I … Read more

39-Year-Old Health Worker | Autism Assessment North West England

39 year old health worker autism assessment north east england

“Anne Marie is a professional with an in-depth understanding of autism and the assessment process. She noticed fine details which validates my autistic experience and promotes self-understanding. Anne Marie listens to feedback and is open to questioning, which I respect. She is a reflective practitioner. I move forward with more hope and clarity. Thank you.” … Read more