Every day’s a school day

Autism has been my life’s work.

For 20 years+ I have diagnosed autistic people

Supported autistic people

Helped others understand autistic people


Every client has taught me something different about what life is like for autistic people.

There are many commonalities that exist in autism, but no two autistic people are the same.

I have read some books, I follow recent research

But my most prolific teachings have come from autistic people.


I am hugely grateful for autistic people opening their experiences of life to me.

I feel privileged to have been able to explore the lives of so many autistic people.

I feel blessed when autistic people thank me for understanding them ‘on the inside’.

And thankful when they I see autistic people, under my guidance, making positive changes in their lives.


My learning from 1,000+ autistic people, sharing their lives with me, is immense and diverse.

I have been shown, what is important and essential to know in order to keep well, and I have been taught how to communicate this effectively with autistic people.

My learning exists only in my head, and will be lost when I retire in a few years time.

This blog will try to communicate the precious gems of knowledge and know how, that underpin my everyday work with autistic people, in order that others may benefit.