Private Autism Assessments for Adults in the UK

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  • Diagnostic assessments for adults (16+)

  • Carried out online over video call

  • Officially recognised in the UK


39-Year-Old Health Worker

North West England

"Anne Marie is a professional with an in-depth understanding of autism and the assessment process. She noticed fine details which validates my autistic experience and promotes self-understanding."

64-Year-Old Grandmother


"My experience of the assessment was positive from the point of contact. I had a prompt reply to my initial enquiry, was given clarity of the process and was met with understanding.”

22-Year-Old Female


"I was initially very anxious about the assessment process as someone who requires a high level of predictability in their life but thanks to Anne Marie the whole thing went smoothly.”

28-Year-Old Male


"I thought the actual interview would be quite an intense and formal experience, however it felt conversational – with a lot more smiling and laughing than I was expecting!”

About Anne Marie

Anne Marie Gallagher BSc, RCSLT, ASILTIP is a Speech and Language Therapist with more than 25 years experience delivering both diagnostic assessment and intervention for autistic adults with NHS Scotland.

Anne Marie has worked with autistic adults within mental health services and learning disability services.

Her clinical focus over the last 20 years has been in identifying autistic adults, providing private autism assessments in Scotland, England, and throughout the UK.

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UK Autism Assessments

Autism Assessment UK | ASD Assessment UK | Aspergers Diagnosis UK

Initial clinical assessments can be undertaken, up to and including Step 4 of the diagnostic process, for £300. All assessments are usually completed using Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.

Anne Marie is able to provide diagnostic autism assessments across the UK or internationally