autism assessment asd diagnosis devon

47-Year-Old Lecturer, Devon

“After suffering from poor mental health for most of my life, I began to research the possibility of an autism assessment. With help and support still leaving me wondering why I feel a certain way in certain situations, I discussed the possibility of undergoing an autism assessment with my GP. What I appreciated about the ... Read more
autism assessment Essex

46-Year-Old Father of 2, Essex

“After constantly struggling and not understanding why, I was seeking an adult ASD diagnosis by someone both competent and credible. I was anxious at not being taken seriously so was very wary regarding who to engage. I chose Anne Marie due to the positive reviews and her focus on adult ASD diagnosis. The two stage ... Read more
autism assessment london

47-Year-Old Female PhD, London

“I approached Connect To Autism after a period of time during which I had been questioning why certain situations, events and activities felt so challenging and exhausting to me. I felt that I might possibly be autistic and wanted to explore this further, but I was not confident that my GP would be helpful or ... Read more
autism assessment surrey

30-Year-Old Female, Surrey

“As I had gone thirty years living with undetected, undiagnosed Autism, I was incredibly anxious about finding an assessor who would take my concerns seriously. I spent many hours searching the internet, and chose Connect to Autism as Anne Marie had such positive reviews. Anne Marie’s website also openly confirmed she took masking into consideration ... Read more
autism assessment liverpool

41-Year-Old Female Artist from Liverpool

“I had a lot of anxiety about getting diagnosed but Anne Marie was reassuring from the start. She communicated really clearly, making the process easy to understand. She clarified quickly the difference between ‘symptoms’ commonly discussed in books and online, and the ‘evidence’ that would be necessary for a diagnosis. The diagnosis itself was really ... Read more
JS testimonial autism assessment manchester

42-Year-Old Female, Manchester

“I contacted Anne Marie after a challenging experience in another assessment, to see what my next steps might be. Anne Marie was generous with her time and advice and we agreed it would be worthwhile to go for assessment. The assessment process was thorough and informed: it’s really clear that Anne Marie really understands ASD ... Read more
autism asd assessment scottish borders ec

30-Year-Old Researcher, Scottish Borders

“Anne Marie was recommended to me for her experience diagnosing women and I was pleased I chose her for my assessment. I thought the two-stage format worked well and Anne took the time to clearly explain each step of the process to me, before and during the assessment. She also helped me understand the wider ... Read more
autism assessment cambridge jd

42-Year-Old Female University Lecturer, Cambridge

“Anne Marie’s mix of obvious professionalism, and high levels of skill and experience, combined with gentleness was exactly right for me and very much appreciated. The efficiency of her service, from the first telephone contact to the very end of the diagnostic assessment was fantastic. Her care and thoroughness in making sure I was fully ... Read more
autism assessment england MRC

41-Year-Old Female General Practitioner, near Birmingham

“Anne Marie Gallagher was amazing- professional and empathetic. I was so nervous to start the process of a diagnosis but having an introductory chat just put my mind at ease and there was no pressure to take it further. The whole process was easy and Anne Marie guided me through the questionnaire and even though ... Read more
autism asd assessment edinburgh scotland kitty

47-Year-Old, Edinburgh

“Trying to establish if you might be autistic is really daunting if you actually are autistic. Right from the start Anne Marie was very professional. She was punctual, reliable, and clear about the process, keeping me informed about what she was going to do next, and explaining a lot about autism on the way. Having ... Read more

More Testimonials

"After doing several free online assessments (AQ/AQ10), I realised that I wanted to pursue a formal diagnosis. I chose Annemarie because a colleague had recently received her formal diagnosis a few months earlier and only had great things to say. Knowing that Annemarie has many years' experience diagnosing females, I felt like this was an important factor in my decision-making process. Also being 30 years old and understanding "masking", I was keen to speak to someone who takes this into consideration, and that many people do learn the social skills to get by in life.

I now have a much greater understanding of myself and can only thank Annemarie for being so welcoming and understanding throughout the whole process. Annemarie is incredibly experienced in this field and that becomes so clear throughout the whole diagnostic process. I would strongly encourage anyone to use the services provided if you feel a diagnosis will help you in some way. You will not be disappointed."

- RB

"As a mature female with a son with undiagnosed autistic traits, and having had similar familial patterns throughout my life, l decided to contact Anne Marie, via the Connect To Autism website, in order to investigate my own potential autism-spectrum diagnosis......And, l am so pleased that l did....... The entire process was fast and seamless.....and l was able to complete my entire diagnosis via intense and informative telephone and zoom calls (particularly relevant during these travel restrictive times) This was then completed by a full diagnostic report, returned by post, within 2 days. AnneMarie made the process not only interesting and very informative, but also, very enjoyable. She is a genuinely empathetic lady and a credit to her profession. "


"I chose to pursue my diagnosis of Asperger’s with Anne Marie after reading about her experience of diagnosing adults and about her understanding of the ways in which undiagnosed adult females can camouflage their difficulties.

Camouflaging, for me, had become harder in recent times with the increased pressures that come with looking after a young family, and so after doing my own research I felt sure I’d discovered the answer I’d been looking for my entire life.

However, I didn’t know how to present this to a GP, especially at a time when many people are facing a variety of difficulties due to lockdown. The thought of going down this route was quite overwhelming, so when I found Anne Marie’s website and saw the process broken down into the different stages I immediately felt less anxious.

Throughout the course of each stage of the diagnosis I felt at ease and I am so pleased I am now able to have a greater understanding of myself, as this is already having a positive impact on my sense of well-being which, in turn, benefits my family.

It may have taken 37 years to get to this point but I don’t feel like getting the diagnosis is the end. For me, it’s just the beginning."

- LMcl

"The two-stage assessment for autism spectrum disorder with Anne Marie Gallagher was a very positive experience. I was seeking this assessment following my daughter’s ASD diagnosis a year before. Anne Marie was friendly and understanding throughout and took the time to talk in detail about the reasons for her conclusions. I am glad I chose to do the assessment with her and I am confident in the conclusions reached. Thank you! "


"I found Anne Marie to be a lovely compassionate person. I was a little apprehensive at the beginning of the assessment and she very quickly put me at ease.

The way in which she explained things to me made perfect sense. I was slightly in denial as to whether or not I had any form of Autism, but by the end of the assessment and the way in which Anne Marie explained the behaviours I understood and was happy that the diagnosis was correct.

She did not make me feel inadequate or silly at any point and went to the trouble to make sure that I was happy and understood all of the relevant points.

I found her very quick in responding and generous with her time. "

- CW

"Anne Marie is the only person running this company. She is very professional and compassionate. I picked her due to her 25 years experience and unlike other bigger companies I wanted the service from her and not just anyone in a bigger company.I was advised to undertake an assessment as a very successful manager of people. I now know why I am so good at work. I am autistic and so function really well in engineering. I now also know how to be a better manager and how to be better in all relationships and it has totally changed the way I think about myself and massively reduced frustration. She explains everything you actually need to know when going through the assessment, if you are autistic you then know all the important stuff. With a diagnosis you can then get further support from HR at your work or various charities. It’s the best investment I have ever made I think. I wish I did it earlier than 38!"

- JH

"My assessment with Anne-Marie was much less daunting than I thought it would be. She made me feel at ease (even though we did it over zoom) and I felt like I had been listened to! I would highly recommend her if you are thinking of getting an assessment"

- ZG

"I contacted Anne Marie after a couple of years of wondering if I might have Asperger’s Syndrome. A few people had said to me that they thought I might have, but others disagreed so I decided that it would be good to speak to an expert about it. Having researched adult autism clinicians I picked Anne Marie as she has such a lot of experience diagnosing female adults. I also appreciated the clarity of the diagnostic process, and fees, on her website.

She’s extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly and relaxed. There was no pressure at any point to take the next step, but when I did decide to it got underway promptly. As other reviewers have mentioned she doesn’t make you wait to hear her assessment, and this is great. It’s been a remarkable process, so easy but so revealing and enlightening. Thanks Anne Marie!"

- VW

"Anne Marie was excellent at making the process of getting a formal diagnosis clear, and in guiding me through it at each step of the way. The process was extremely quick and smooth, and I now have a much better sense of self-understanding as well as the more practical benefit of a formal diagnosis. I would highly recommend pursuing a diagnosis with the support of Anne Marie"

- AB