The Diagnostic Process

A Step-by-step guide to the process

Step 1 - Contact made via website

Step 2 - Completion of an Early Developmental Questionnaire

This can be a self report or completed by someone who knew you well as a child.

Step 3 - Evaluation of the questionnaire

This questionnaire, when reviewed by an experienced clinician, is highly reliable in indicating if there is childhood information that will support the diagnostic process.

I would be reticent in completing a private diagnostic assessment, where I would think it highly improbable that the person would reach diagnostic caseness. In reviewing the questionnaire, the fact that behaviours consistent with ASD are often not noticeable until later in life, is taken into account.

Masking and camouflaging difficulties can begin very early and home circumstances can influence the parental reporting.

Step 4 - Arrangements made for diagnostic assessment

All diagnostic assessments are completed over Zoom.

Appointment letter sent with invoice, to be paid 7 days prior to assessment date.

Step 5 - The full assessment is completed within 4-6 hours

However the Zoom call part of the assessment is typically 2 - 2.5 hours.

To find out more call Anne Marie via the contact form.