Initial clinical assessments can be undertaken, up to and including Step 5 of the diagnostic process, for £400. All assessments are usually completed using video networking packages, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.

Private Autism Assessment For Adults (16 +) in Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland

Autism Diagnosis Scotland & UK | ASD Diagnosis Scotland & UK | Aspergers Diagnosis Scotland & UK

Diagnostic assessments can be arranged local to you, wherever you are based in Scotland and throughout the UK. Anne Marie is willing to travel and carry out the assessments in the closest city to you.


Anne Marie Gallagher BSc, RCSLT, ASILTIP, HCPC Reg is a Speech and Language Therapist with more than 25 years experience delivering both diagnostic assessment and intervention for autistic adults with NHS Scotland.

Anne Marie has worked with autistic adults within mental health services and learning disability services.

Her clinical focus over the last 15 years has been in identifying autistic adults.

Many individuals who are diagnosed in adulthood with ASD, have had a long history of involvement with mental health services for the treatment of conditions such as social anxiety, recurrent depression, OCD, personality disorder, bipolar disorder and eating disorders.

​Through diagnostic assessment, Anne Marie identifies core differences in thinking styles and perceptions of the world.

She aims to support the individual to develop a greater sense of self and support them to identify strategies to develop and maintain emotional and psychological well-being.

anne marie gallagher asd aspergers autism assessment diagnosis scotland

Anne Marie Gallagher



Anne Marie was involved in creating SIGN 145, the national clinical guidelines for the assessment, diagnosis and interventions for autism spectrum disorders.

She has provided training and has certified 150+ clinicians across NHS Scotland in the use of the Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders (DISCO), a leading diagnostic clinical assessment tool.

Anne Marie has worked for NHS boards on a consultancy basis, carrying out diagnostic assessments for adults with local clinicians in order to provide locally based assessments while providing the opportunity for experiential learning to promote clinical capacity of local services to better serve this client group.

private autism diagnosis for adultsscotland

Anne Marie is able to offer both daytime and evening appointments in Stirling and Perth.

She is also able to provide diagnostic assessments locally, across the UK by arrangement.



    Why is it important to have a formal diagnostic assessment?

    By Anne Marie Gallagher | February 18, 2020

    When an individual experiences issues, difficulties or needs, then it is imperative that we are able to formulate a correct and accurate explanation for the issue, difficulty or need. Failure to do so, results in the wrong support, help or intervention being given and also prevents the correct support, help or intervention from being identified. … Read more

    What are the Advantages of a Late Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Diagnosis?

    By Anne Marie Gallagher | January 6, 2020

    This is a question I am often asked, however the answer to this always comes from a summary of comments made by adults recently diagnosed by myself. Greater Sense of Autistic Self The most common comments are statements that express value in developing a greater sense of autistic self. “to know myself better”, “to redefine … Read more

    Does Asperger Syndrome still exist?

    By Anne Marie Gallagher | November 1, 2019

    Is Asperger Syndrome still a valid diagnosis? The answer to both of these questions, in October 2019, is YES and will remain so until 1st January 2022. Explanation A clinical diagnosis can only be given by a clinician. A clinician must use an internationally recognised diagnostic classification system. There are two classification systems which are … Read more

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    Katrina Brown
    Katrina Brown
    06:43 08 May 20
    Anne Marie is very knowledgable and thorough whilst being kind and approachable. I have no hesitation in recommending her.
    10:20 15 Feb 20
    I would highly recommend AnnMarie of Connect to Autism. I visited Ann Marie, with my 41 year old brother and parents. We had suspected my brother had Autism throughout his life, however due to the education system, this had never been diagnosed. My brother has had a number of difficulties, over the years, where he and my parents have not had the correct support. After research, I emailed Ann Marie, where we then arranged a convenient time to discuss our requirements. AnnMarie, discussed in detail the service she offered and a time and location was agreed. AnnMarie, was even happy to meet us at the weekend, to fit in with my work schedule. Our meeting was early January 2020. We spent the day with AnnMarie, where she intially discussed the process and how the diagnosis is established. We instantly felt at ease! AnnMarie's knowledge of Autism and Aspergers is outstanding. The ways she communicated with us and explained the difference between Autism an Aspergers and non Aspergers person was excellent, we all learnt a great deal that day! A diagnosis was given at the end of the day and AnnMarie advised us of the next steps and how we would receive the report. AnnMarie has continued to give us support, since the diagnosis, with follow up calls and emails, where needed with the relevant authorities. I cannot recommend her more highly!
    Em K
    Em K
    11:51 14 Feb 20
    I think Dr Gallagher was really easy to talk to and made me feel so comfortable. The whole experience was positive, I'm so pleased I decided to go with her instead of someone else. She really works around your needs, ok in terms of concerns, questions or location, which makes the process comfortable. I would definitely recommend her services and her approach.
    Kath Baker
    Kath Baker
    07:50 07 Jan 20
    I wholeheartedly recommend Anne Marie Gallagher. Her courtesy, kindness and professionalism have helped me learn and develop after my adult diagnosis. I would not be confident and active today without her expertise and support.
    20:34 06 Dec 19
    I sought the consultancy of Dr. Gallagher regarding an assessment of Autism for a functional adult. The level of professionalism and understanding of the issues facing people with undiagnosed ASD reassured me that Dr. Gallagher has a deep commitment to this field and the betterment of all involved. As well as a clinical assessment, Dr. Gallagher also provides a wealth of knowledge and a lot of practical solutions, in terms is dealing with the unique challenges faced by neurologically atypical people. I highly recommend the professional services of Dr. Gallagher.
    15:13 14 Nov 19
    Anne Marie diagnosed me with ASD 5 years ago and has had a huge impact on helping me to adjust to the diagnosis. I have always suffered from poor mental health and medical professionals in general are usually quite unhelpful when it comes to dealing with autism, which is why it is so helpful that I came to Anne Marie. She has managed to help me navigate through many difficulties in my life. With her help I have been able to make progress in my career, get married, and live to a standard that would have been impossible without her intervention.
    Helen Gillespie
    Helen Gillespie
    20:19 23 Oct 19
    I'm 36 and have had mental health problems and been in psychiatric services since childhood. This has involved spending a large part of my life in hospital settings(medical, general psychiatric, and specialist units), primarily for Anorexia Nervosa, which has been severe and enduring, but also O.C.D., Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Depression. In 2011, at a time of developing awareness of the very different presentation of Autism in typical females and the similarity with traits seen in those with chronic Anorexia for which conventional treatment has been unsuccessful, I was referred for an assessment in London where I was receiving NHS-funded specialist care. Despite receiving a definitive diagnosis, and remaining within psychiatric services, my Autism received no acknowledgement and no adaptions were made to my care(the diagnostic team had emphasised this to be fundamental if I was to improve my health and that treatment received so far had been detrimental to me). In 2016, after several traumatic life experiences and a resultant breakdown (which I now understand to be a major autistic 'shutdown'), someone recommended Anne Marie to me: my life, as a result, would change forever. Seeing her has allowed me to see my past, present and future through an entirely different lens, and to understand my psychiatric conditions as attempts to keep some sense of safety and control both in a world I felt was alien to me and I to it, and in the relationships in my life. Anne Marie has helped me shift my identity from that of an ''ill-person' who could only achieve and have worth by being ill; an inferior misfit: and someone whom professionals considered to not be trying hard enough to engage and change. Due to my individual circumstances, I continue to see her to assist me in in developing a sense of belonging in the world and to interpret interactions in a different way. Her approach is markedly different to the formal, structured, hierarchical one typical in the clinician-patient relationship. She really listens and cleverly picks out strands that are illuminating, thus furthering insight; she promotes forgiveness and understanding rather than blame and guilt; she gives example of her own experiences which allow you to feel understood and to see different perspectives; she explains how being autistic means a difference in experiencing the world and not being defective or wrong; she promotes ways to cope better with life, build on strengths and foster healthy, positive relationships and roles that raise confidence. Her skills, knowledge and experience make her ideal for those who have gone under the radar until later in life. I don't know where I'd be today if I had not had Anne Marie's help.
    patricia dunbar
    patricia dunbar
    13:35 04 Oct 19
    Anne Marie was excellent at explaining all aspects around the different forms of autism and answering any questions we had during the session to diagnose my teenage son. She made sure we understood each stage of the diagnosis and why, at the end of the session, she came to the conclusion she did. Anne Marie put both my son and I at ease and my son was able to speak honestly and openly to her. The final report arrived promptly a couple of days later, and again Anne Marie was happy to respond to any questions we had about this. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Anne Marie.
    Hamish Buchanan
    Hamish Buchanan
    20:12 29 Jul 19
    I met Anne Marie in September 2017, when I wanted to know if I had Asperger Syndrome. On the morning of the assessment I was very nervous. Anne Marie quickly put me at ease though, and I felt able to confide in her within the first five minutes of discussion. What I particularly liked about Anne Marie's assessment was her knowledge of autism on the social/political level. Within the first hour, she'd mentioned the concept of "neurodiversity": that is, that being different isn't necessarily pathological. She was able to draw on countless examples of kindness and great achievements in people with autism. This was a striking difference between her and an ignorant GP I later met, who tarred Asperger's with the same brush as serious mental illnesses. The diagnostic assessment lasted five hours, with a lunch break in between. We discussed a mix of what my childhood was like and my experiences as an adult. However, I went into the break having been already told that she thought I had autism. I liked that: I've heard online about people's experiences of being made to wait several agonising weeks to receive a diagnostic letter, with no previous hint of its contents. Anne Marie never used any cliches of people with autism whilst performing the assessment. When I later told a psychiatrist that I had the diagnosis, he asked "what does it mean when I say 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree'?" and seemed surprised when I didn't answer literally. Anne Marie knew that autistic people are capable of learning such idioms, and so never used them in her assessment. I've also met doctors who assume all autistic people are computer geeks; Anne Marie knows we come from all walks of life. She was also up to date on the recent research on autism - including on female-type autism and on autism in the LGBT community. Anne Marie knew about "camouflaging" in autistic women, as an explanation of why women tend to fly under the diagnostic radar. When I mentioned having had lifelong parathymia (where facial expressions don't match feelings - e.g. grinning when nothing is funny), she seemed interested and replied "yes, there's a lot of things we don't yet understand about autism". That made me feel appreciated because she made me feel that, as an autistic person, I know things that "experts" don't. Again, a striking contrast to the condescending doctors I later met. When we were done with the assessment, Anne Marie immediately authored the diagnostic report and allowed me to check it before printing. She let me edit out a sentence that I wasn't too happy with. She also gave me a short form report to give employers, with just the diagnosis and not the reasoning for why it was made. Nearly two years later, Anne Marie helped me when I needed a reference for the Occupational Health doctor at work, to state that autism isn't a reason why I wouldn't be able to do the job. She got the reference done for me very quickly. In summary, Anne Marie is probably the kindest specialist I've ever met. She immediately put me at ease and I felt able to talk to her openly and honestly throughout the assessment, knowing that she would never judge me harshly for anything I said. I would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone thinking of getting a diagnostic assessment.
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